Jack on the left and John on the right at 6 months Jack on the left and John on the right at 6 months
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Hi, my name is John. I was born 9-26-2002 with a right club foot. My twin brother Jack was born with two club feet. We were first treated by Dr. Garvin at Nebraska Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine P.C. in Lincoln Nebraska. We had our first casts put on the second day of our lives. I (John)had three weekly casts. Then I (John) had five bi-weekly casts. Without a full correction. Medical Term: Talipes Equinovarus Deformity. Jack had three weekly casts. then five bi-weekly casts finally his last casts for a week. Dr. Garvin then told us to go see Dr. Huurman in Omaha. Dr. Huurman told us that I (John)would to have three surgeries and Jack would have to have four surgeries. All scheduled in one month. Mommy was terrified, she thought to much anesthetic. Our mommy started looking around and talking to a lot of people. It was very hard for her to find information about club foot. But, she found Dr. Ponseti at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. She called him and he wanted to see us as soon as possible. He told mommy he could fix our feet without surgery. So Dr. Ponseti put one more cast on us on 1-24-2003. Then we went back on 1-31-2003. Dr. Ponseti gave us a local anesthesia and did a tenotomy. It's a tiny cut at the back of our ankles. We have to have these new casts for 3 weeks. We are getting them off 2-21-2003.

***** UPDATE!! ON 4-01-2003*****

Hi! I am Cindy, Jack and John's mom. We got their casts off and their feet are beautiful flat feet. They are wearing their braces now as you can see on their pictures. They hate them. They scream everytime I put them on. And I cry too. It has been the longest month of my life. We take the braces off for two hours at bath time. That is when they are truely happy with mommy. They take their bath, then walk in their walkers on the botttoms of their feet! We have two months left of full time braces. Then they will only have to wear them at nap time and overnight. Even though it has been hard to put on the braces, I feel it is worth it. Their feet are truely BEAUTIFUL. Look for an update in June to see how that goes.

***** UPDATE!! ON 7-29-2003*****

My goodness we have been busy. A few days after we could have our braces off we were crawling. We go opposite directions so mommy doesn't know who to get first. And we have been a bit crabby for mommy since we are both getting teeth. Mommy stands us up on our feet and we like to bounce. Jack is starting to take steps. I'm "John" not yet. Mommy says we will be walking soon, as long as we keep wearing our braces while we sleep. Sometimes we argue, but most of the time we don't. But most always we like to kick when mommy is tying the laces. She says good thing there is a strap to hold our feet in place first. We just went to see Dr. Ponseti for a check up. He said our feet look wonderful and are so flexable. He told us to keep wearing our braces at naps and bed time and we will be great! He also told us to take the tongues out of our shoes so it wouldn't rub the tops of our feet so much and it is working a lot better. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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